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Our Mission Statement:
A Safer and More Reliable Cyber Environment

We Believe in The Importance of Online Security.
We Are Living and Breathing a 24/7 Struggle Against Online Trading Scammers All Over the World.
Repetitive issues about loss or stolen funds has been going on over the years. Unfortunately, more and more people have become victims of Online Trading Scams, such as:

  • Binary Options
  • Crypto Currencies
  • Forex
  • CFDs

Those “Investments” are all usually the same – fraudulent activities that lead to nothing but frustration and depression of the investors, who will never see their money again.
If you are here, chances are that you fell into a trap and gave your money away.
You are in the right place.
There is no shame in that type of victimization, since those scammers are professional at what they do.
But as professional as they might be, the laws are still applying to them, and thieves are thieves no matter how sophisticated they are.

Cyber Shields is here to put an end to the phenomenon of Online Trading Scams.
Cyber Shields is about making the internet a safer, less dangerous place by:

  • Preventing those scams from occurring in the first place
  • Increasing internet users’ awareness to that kind of fraud
  • Constantly fighting against unregulated brokerages’ legitimation
  • Recover victims’ funds
  • Leading a Worldwide Campaign against online trading scammers

In most countries, the government are completely indifferent, hardly recognize (let alone criminalize) this type of fraud, making the recovery process much more difficult for the individual to resolve alone.
Banks ignore them, credit card companies ignore them, everyone ignores them.
Cyber Shields is here to give the victims all the support they need.
If you feel like it’s time to call the scammers out on what they do, and put them in prison, where they should be – then your place is with us.
More importantly, if you want YOUR MONEY BACK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, plus increasing the chances of exposing the people who’ve scammed you – then definitely you are in the right place.
Cyber Shields are familiar and cooperating with most legally successful recovery companies out there as well as with related law firms all over the world and more than willing to help you to recover your funds and getting back on track.

Worldwide Campaign Against Online Trading Scammers

We are taking massive action against Binary Options, Forex, Crypto Currencies, CFDs scammers, trying to make their businesses illegal in many countries as possible. For financial reasons and conflict of interests, it’s not as easy to accomplish as you think. We are working with numerous law firms all over the world, promoting a Worldwide Campaign of criminalization against those scammers.

Increasing Awareness

We aim to increase internet users’ awareness to online trading kind of frauds and
believe it’s a critical, important key to make the internet a safer place.

Recover Victims' Funds

Our experts are hard-working, also highly results-oriented, which make them very
successful at recover victim’s fund. They know the work. Our success rate is by far the highest out there.

A Never-Ending Fight Against Unregulated Brokerages

More often than not, those unlicensed companies are nothing but a scam. We are in
a constant battle with those questionable, so-called brokers, trying to bring them to justice.

Self-Protection as a Key

Frauds will never die. We believe in the personal responsibility of the individual to make sure he isn’t falling into a trap.


Worldwide Campaign Against Online Trading Scammers


Increasing Awareness


Recover Victims' Funds


A Never-Ending Fight Against Unregulated Brokerages


Self-Protection as a Key

Worldwide Campaign Against Online Trading Scammers



You can contact us via phone or email, whatever you feel more comfortable with. Either way, a Cyber Shield member will contact you as soon as possible

If you choose to send an email, which we recommend regardless of whether you call us or not, it’s extremely important to include these 3 main details:
– The name of the fraudulent company you were involved with
– The date the transaction has happened or date range
– The amount of money that has been transferred
*Any additional piece of information from the history of your
relationship with the fraudulent company will help us help you.

Case Reviewing & Data Collection

At first, a Cyber Shields’ representative will ask you to give him as many details as you can about your case, so he will be able to clearly understand the issue and calculate the odds of winning your case (mostly winning against a dispute)

If he finds out your funds are barely recoverable or entirely unrecoverable, then he will let you know we cannot handle the case. Under no circumstances we will take a case we think is unmanageable and of low chances to win, we are highly experienced at calculating the odds, and we won’t let our experts to work 24/7 on a futile, unlikely-to-resolve case.

The more information you’ll give, the higher thechances of winning your case will be. As simple as that.

The Information you deliver us should include all the correspondences with the fraudulent company as well as the bank statements that prove the transformation of the funds
Work, Work, Work

As soon as our service department team will get all the information it needs, it will start working for you.

Regardless of the situation, our experts will do ANYTHING legal to get your money back. You have our guarantee that they will take a massive amount of action against the financial authorities for you.

Our experts have a broad industry knowledge and know exactly how to address the financial authorities by speaking their language and convince them to cancel the transaction due to its fraudulent nature.

Why choose us - Cyber Shields

Negotiation Power

We have the abillity to negotiate with banks and credit card companies professionally. This puts us ahead of other amateurish so-called recovery companies out there. When it comes to our client’s money – our team will move mountains if necessary.

Research & Analysis

Every case we take is treated in a comprehensive, profound manner. We have a well-developed, rich understanding of the online scam’s industry as well as practical tools to explore its new developing forms. Our experts are extremely dedicated to the process of data collection, analysis and eventually providing the best outcome possible.

Quick Retrievement

Time is a key in regards to whether or not we will successfully retrieve the client’s money. The work is done according to plans and on schedule. In In the world of online scams especially, time is a significant factor. The sooner we work, the better. Our team is experienced and know how to work quickly and in an organized fashion, which allows us to close cases more successfully.

Transperancy & Excellent Client Support

Since they’ve been scammed, our clients arealready in a fragile position, which is legitimate and understandable. We believe in the importance of being warm, supportive and actually being there for them when they need us. Be it emotionally or just the fact that we share with them every little detail they need to know about the progress. We do everything we can to make sure our clients feel more comfortable and secure including guiding them how not to fall into another future scams, which somehow mostly happens. Our service department is easy to contact, and we are more than willing to help and keep the

We Are Actually The Best Out There

It is unbecoming of a person that has lost money in an online scam to not make a HUGE, comprehensive research before choosing a recovery company. From all angles, Cyber Shields has the best to offer. Our success rate, which is the number #1 factor determining if we worth working with, is the highest out there. Our people consists of the best quality professionals in this factory, simply talking to us on the phone will
clearly manifest you that point. You’ll be sure you are in good hands.

Flexibility for Effective & Efficient Execution

With online scams’ industry increasingly growing and expanding, our team has the abillity to adapt and re-meet the standards. Even though most of the scam strategies are already known to us, we always keep in mind that new techniques may have taken the older’s place. Therefore, we consider different approaches to deal with them. Wherever the online scammers go – we follow.

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